Econic®Kraft Dry Goods 500g Bag: 100 Bags

Econic®Kraft Dry Goods 500g Bag: 100 Bags

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Stand out on the shelf AND to your customers as a leader in sustainable business practices that both looks and feels great!

This Econic®Kraft product has been specifically designed for powders/dry goods, and can hold up to 500g (12-16 oz), depending on the density of your product.

Great for powders, grains and other moisture sensitive and bulky products, these Kraft bags offer you a compostable solution without compromising on freshness! If you're not sure about your product's suitability, contact us for more info. 

This bag does not have a one way valve, for releasing roasted coffee gas. 

This bag is Kraft (brown paper) in colour with dimensions 110 mm + 60 mm Side Gusset x 283 mm. It does not come with a quad seal at this stage.

Is this your first time using Econic? No Econic bag is suitable for high temperature liquids such as sous vide cooking, or adding boiling water to. Do not bring your Econic packaging into contact with Dry Ice. Econic is not designed for storing liquids. 

Always test your products in Econic by using a Sample Pack prior to full ordering to check Econic is right for your product's needs: 


Econic is easy for your customers to dispose of, as any worm farm or home compost bin is an ideal environment for decomposition. (We recommend disposing of your Econic bags in an environment containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms.) 
Important note: If you have non-compostable labels or degassing valves on your Econic bags, you will need to peel these off before composting the bag. 

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